Pirate Tiny's Adventure 2 - August 20th 2012

During this month the Arch Duchy of Connacht travelled out to Langley BC to participate in Squire Maleck’s event; Pirate Tiny’s Tiny Pirate Adventure. Although a camp fire ban was in effect the event was great.

No Arts and Science this event but in Archery Congratulations goes to Squire Maleck for his Bowmens win and to Don Mizak Perado for his Huntsmen win. In Combat, Master Angantyr Hellevang took the Sergeants List Shinai and An-Ridire Reyrketill took the Knights list Rapier. A big thank you to Mairin Hellevang for her class on “Above and Below the Salt”

See you next weekend at the Camelot Demo on August 25th 2013