Camelot 4th Annual Fair - Aug 10th 2013

Fours years ago Melora was driving along and came across a sign that said Camelot with an arrow pointing in a direction, that day she decided to follow it and continued to drive until she came to a Winery. She entered the wine store only to find out that the owners were friends with some of her family. She mentioned that she was part of a medieval re-enactment group, their eyes lit up, Number and information was quickly exchanged and 4 years later we have a successful demo that is one of this groups favourite. 

Four years later Connacht has continued to bring its very best to the Camelot Demo and has already been booked for next year!

Without Melora following her instincts that day to find herself at the gates of Camelot our group would never have had this perfect Demo. Any time we are driving and you say "hey lets follow that sign"..... I will follow you. I would like to see you continue to Autocrat this event as you are the founder of this demo and you have proved you are more than cable of handling the task.