May Monthly Events

The Month of May was a busy one. At the Beginning of the month Connacht held its Crown war, due to attendance and it really being an uncontested war no war was fought. But for the War Archery Squire Rhaswen was named Champoin Shooter!. On the other hand Tournaments were held; here are the results. In Arts and Science there were three entries: Squire Ormr with ‘Cryspels and Pynade’ Squire Melora with her “Sambocade and Lady Christiana with her “Heart Shaped Bonnet. Congratulations to Squire Ormr for his win on knights list. In Archery Squire Roma won the Bowmen’s list and Her Royal Grace Adina Silverhand won the Huntsmen List. In Combat A big congratulations to Squire Christoff on his first Sergeants list win. On the Knights list Rapier Squire Ormr took the win. As I said this was an uncontested war so I guess that means that An-Ridire Ruaidhri Silverhand and Chevalier Gabrielle Silverhand win by default and will represent Connacht as the news crowns come July. Congratulations.
Later in this month Connacht travelled to Joe Rich BC for the Imperial Banner War North. Again with no real opposition Connacht keeps the Imperial Banner. But we fought anyways. Shortly after the war (myself) Squire Ormr was summoned upon the battle field. His Royal Grace An-Ridire Reyrketill Silverhand knighted his Squire in all four Disciplines granting Ormr the title Sir Ormr, Knight Bachelor, Knight Archer, Knight Robe and Knight Minister. For receiving his Quatro Knighting Sir Ormr was also inducted into the Imperial Order of the Croix Fleury.
As for the Tournaments: Arts and Science we had two entries, Squire Melora with her ‘14th Century Tunic’ and Lady Christiana with her ‘Bongrace’ which received a win. In archery Don Mizak Perado was named the Archery Champion for the war. For the Tournament Sir Ruger Einzbern was the Huntsmen winner, the bowmen’s list was short listed. In Combat The Sergeants list was short list and Sir Ormr Raizer received the win for the knights list Rapier. HRG Reyrketill and Sir Ormr duked it out in a short listed Steel Tournament. Well I’m off to sharpen my spear... see you at the next event ‘Boar War’