January 2012 Issue

Silent Knight Results:

Arts and Science:
Squire Melora with A Coventry Carol
Lady Christiana Elizabeth Constable with Tablet Weaving Cards

Sergeants List: Master Fenrir
Knights List: Squire Ormr

Bowmen’s List: Lady Christiana Elizabeth Constable
Huntsmen List: H.R.G. Duke Reyrketill Silverhand

Special Mention:
H.E .Viscount An-Ridire Ruaidhri Silverhand has Squired Christof Fratello Porpora and shall hence forth be given the title Squire

Squire Melora and Sir Ruger Silverhand were given the Award 
Cauldron of Connacht

Mistress Christiana Elizabeth Constable has been given the title Lady with the her Household Phasiani lacus Manerium.